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Hello Everyone, Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I hope that you're all able to take away some valuable information about what the regular everyday woman would wear in the 18th century. I've only been re-enacting for 3 years now but I've jumped into it head first.

Now, a little bit about me (I know you're all dying to hear about it)

I started sewing when I was 2. Given it was just sitting on my mothers lap, helping her guide the material through the machine. I've loved it ever since.
When I was 4 I made my first pin cushion, a little blue star. My mother used to give me scraps from her projects and I would make doll clothes out of them. Using a few stitches here, a few there and voila, my barbies had clothes! I think my fabric obsession started there, I collected the scraps. I had boxes of them!

When I was 9 I started making teddy bears and stuffed animals for myself and friends. a few years later I began making clothes for myself with and without patterns. I loved experimenting with fabric and seeing what its limits were.

At 16 I worked at a fabric store and grew in my knowledge of fabric types, textures and the proper procedures to work it. When I was 17 I was offered the chance to go to an encampment at the Citadel hill, Halifax Nova Scotia. I loved it. I have been interested in history for quite a while and this was great! I began sewing historical clothing and have had wonderful teachers. They have been a great influence on me, answering questions and helping in research.
I have made clothing for various museums around New Brunswick and Nova Scotia for their interpreters.
I pride myself on historical accuracy make my clothing to be period correct. I focus on the French and Indian war (1754-1763) and the American Revolution war (1775-1783), however, I have made clothing for various other time periods such as regency, Victorian, 1940 etc.
My clothing is made as it would have been in the period. For my 18thc it is all hand sewn and constructed in period correct fashion. I love creating and making beautiful clothes!

I hope you all enjoy it and can give me some valuable feedback.

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Cheers everyone!


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  1. I am overwhelmed with the incredible detailed information and expertise displayed on this site and in Bonnie's work. This site is a definite must for Civil War living history people and a valuable source for film costumers as well. Amazing.